Advanced Tools Technology is pleased to provide you with state of the art precision and semi-conductor diamond tools. Featuring the latest innovations in diamond grit sizing and placement, Advanced Tools Technology can support all of your diamond tool requirements, from CMP Pad Conditioners to Roller Dressers and Wafer/ TFT Edge Grinders.

The Highest Quality Diamond Tools...
Our manufacturer, Shinhan Diamond, represents a quarter century of experience in the development and manufacturing of cutting edge products and provide the opportunity for a full array of custom designed tools for many applications including super abrasive dressing, grinding, scribing, engraving and surface measuring tools.
We've Got You Covered
Our precision and semi-conductor tools service a multitude of industries and we're ready to help you determine the best product for your application by offering design, engineering and product selection support with competitive pricing and lead times.

Please contact us here for more information or to place an order. 


CMP Pad Conditioners

Back Grinding Wheels

  CMP Pad Conditioner Back Grinding Wheel

Edge Grinding Wheels

Electroplated Wheels & Files

Edge Grinding Wheels Electroplated Wheel

Tool Grinding Wheels

Diamond Dresser

Tool Grinding Wheel Diamond Dresser
Metal Bond Wheels PCD Bite & Insert
Metal Bond Wheel PCD Bite
Resin Bond Wheels Roller Dressers
Resin Bond Wheel Roller Dresser
Super Precision Blades Vitrified Bond Wheels
Super Precision Blades Vitrified Bond Wheel


And More!


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