Advanced Tools Technology is proud to offer two outstanding partner programs!
We offer two feature rich programs, Wholesale Partner and Government & Municipality Partner, which are described below. As a qualified partner, you have access to the most state of the art diamond tool products available at discounted rates.
Our diamond tools feature a new, state-of-the-art technology using precise arrae of diamonds grits (both natural and synthetic) in various dimensional patterns on the blades and tools that are uniquely placed based on the application or intended use of the blade or tool.  The benefits for our customers are: speed (faster cutting); stability (enhanced precision); and sustainability (longer lasting blades and tools.) An additional advantage diamond tools is their multi-purpose use, e.g. you can purchase one blade or tool for multiple types of jobs which helps eliminate guesswork and confusion in the purchasing process. 
Advanced Tools Technology looks forward to working with you in the near future!
As a qualified Wholesale Partner, you will be able to offer the most state of the art diamond tool products to your own customers. You can satisfy your customers with the best diamond tool products in the market and our Wholesale Partner Program is designed for you to take full advantage of it!
With Advanced Tools Technology products, you are guaranteed a product that has been proven to work and this means, higher sales, customer retention and customer satisfaction.
Through our Wholesale Partner Program you will be able to purchase our products in bulk at discounted prices to sell in a retail store location, at your office, by mail order, or through the Internet. With a high reorder rate within the industry, you will have a proven product line to increase your sales. We are totally committed to your success!
Wholesale Partner Program Highlights
· Generous discounts on wholesale orders
· Dedicated Wholesale Partner Program management team
· Co-branding on Green Devil Blades
· Private Labeling (*depending on order volume)
· Individual durable packaging
· No shipping costs 
Please contact us here to inquire about becoming a Wholesale Partner.

Advanced Tools Technology is a distributor serving governmental organizations and institutions who is totally committed to your success!. As a qualified Government & Municipality Partner, you will be able to purchase the most state of the art diamond tool products for all your projects.
Advanced Tools Technology is a supplier to all levels of government, from local and municipal agencies to county, state, and federal agencies; offering volume discounts to qualifying institutions.
As with all of our consumer orders, Government and Military orders come with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
Advanced Tools Technology is a fully accredited supplier to the US Government, Departments of Defense and Homeland Security as well as other state and local agencies such as: Police, Fire/Rescue and Emergency Medical Services.
Government & Municipality Partner Program Highlights
· Prompt order fulfillment
· Customized Volume Orders (for large volume orders, we
   can personalize our blade products with your company
   name or logo)
· Flexible Payment Terms (we accept a wide variety of
   payment options including corporate purchase orders,
   credit card payments, wire transfers, Government credit
   cards, and corporate/business checks)
· Individual durable packaging
· No shipping costs 
 Please contact us here to inquire about becoming a Government & Municipality Partner.

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