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Welcome to the new world of cutting edge technology.  Advanced Tools Technology consists of two divisions:  Construction, Rescue and Stone Fabrication Division; Precision and Semi-conductor Division.    

The Construction, Rescue and Stone Fabrication Division is please to introduce a new proprietary product line called, GREEN DEVIL DIAMOND TOOLSTM, designed for green construction.  These tools are so superior that they bypass the disadvantages of conventional cutting methods for granite, marble, filled concrete, asphalt, etc.  The benefit of this new technology far exceeds the demands of Government and Municipality contractors for stability and sustainability guaranteeing the highest price to performance value.  This line was created to be distinct in our logo design to eliminate guesswork and confusion during the purchasing process, thus saving the consumer time and money.   

Advanced Tools Technology also offers two rich Partner Programs with preferred purchased terms:  Wholesale Partner Programs; Government and Municipality Partner Programs.

The Precision and Semi-conductor Division provides superior quality tools of the latest technology and will support all your diamond tool requirements, from CMP Pad Conditioners to Roller Dressers and Wafer/ TFT Edge Grinders.  We also provide a full array of custom designed tools for many applications including:  super abrasive dressing, grinding, scribing, engraving and surface measuring tools.  

Advanced Tools Technology guarantees superior state-of-the art products at competitive prices and service a multitude of industries offering engineer experts for product selection, technical and field support.  

Our sponsor, “GOING GREEN PLAN”, offers free energy audit services, affordable alternatives, and renewable energy systems. This program feature web-based “going green articles”, links to federal and state “going green incentive” websites, and a list of products that can be used for all going green projects.  These services will help eliminate our country’s dependence on foreign oil, contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment and reduce the effects of rising energy costs.  

Advanced Tools Technology’s mission is to offer the latest technology of superior diamond tool products at competitive prices, provide support services and to better serve our environment.






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