What is the technology? ARIX(TM) GENERATION II

Advanced Tools Technology's GREEN DEVIL DIAMOND TOOLS (TM) proprietary line is the original and latest innovation in diamond tool technology designed for green construction.  It is the precise arrangements of sized diamond grits (natural and synthetic) placed in dimensional patterns, and evenly distributed (not random) among the metal powder of the bond which in turn enables the enhanced and optimum uniform cutting efficiency.

Rating Performance

Our tools performance are so superior that they give the power to bypass the disadvantages of conventional cutting methods for granite, marble, filled concrete, asphalt, steel, etc. and benefit for faster cutting and a longer duration, as well as, stability and sustainability which guarantee the highest price-to-performance value.

Green Construction 

Advanced Tools Technology developed the GREEN DEVIL DIAMOND TOOLS line of diamond cutting tools for green construction.   They are long lasting and durable and used for multiple types of jobs to eliminate guesswork and confusion during the purchasing process.  These featured tools are the original, economical, sold exclusive, superior quality, CT State Certified-WBE, assembled in the U.S.A. and 100% energy efficient. 

Advanced Tool Technology Featured GREEN DEVIL DIAMOND TOOLS(TM) and More

Super Premium Multi-Cut - The only blade you will ever need.  The highest quality blade available today!  Cuts concrete-hard or soft, concrete w/rebar, brick, block pavers, block, natural stone, roof tile, and asphalt.

High Speed General Purpose - Our most economical with extremely high qualities and benefits of a lasting blade!

Professional Concrete - The Pro offers the broadest of everyday application for the demanding user.

Core Bit - Impressed yet?  Our core bits are trouble free, extremely fast cutting with easy penetration during the initial stages.  They have the highest quality diamond and optimal diamond concentration in the segment which delivers excellent cuts for heavy steel.

Wall Saw - Outstanding and made for the demanding user!  These blades maintain the same cutting speed from start to finish ensuring top performance.  They are laser welded to prevent segment loss.

RESCUE - We are proud to introduce our unparalleled RESCUE blade in durability, stability, sustainability, and speed.   Our blade complies and exceeds both OSHA and ANSI specifications for emergency situations.  They are vacuum-brazed on steel core and essentially cuts through anything.  

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